Moses Kotane

District Information

The Moses Kotane Municipality district in Rustenburg has 101 villages that we have identified. We want to reach as many of them by the end of  2019. We have already reached 10 of them, 91 to go.  We believe that the harvest is ready to be reaped by the volunteers that God has sent to serve in this project.

We want to change the landscape in this district. In the 10 outreaches so far we have had 80 people committing their lives to God and 23 people from the two villages were baptized.

We have identified further needs in our tent clinic and also in our teaching sessions.

2 Month Outreach

This is the team that did the first two villages in Rustenburg. The team was made up of four different congregations from Johannesburg. This outreach saw 22 people been baptized and many people receiving healing from pain within their body.

The team are all volunteers and dedicate their weekend to go and minister in the below villages.

Tlhaihahanye village Rustenburg

In this village we had 16 new believers joining the Christian faith. In addition to this there 12 people have been blessed with healing

Mahobieskraal Village

In this village, we had a Q&A session with 31 people asking questions about faith and life. In this village there were 16 healed, these are mostly related to high levels of pain.

3 Birthday with Jesus Parties - 1 Weekend

The blow villages were part of the three in one village outreach, We put jumping castles in three villages with two tents. We have reached these three villages in one weekend. We had 17 volunteers that committed a weekend to reach the kids and people of the village. We had 225 kids attend our birthday party with Jesus in the three villages. We had numerous people been held in the two tents and on-street outreach in the villages.

The team consisted of 7 different church backgrounds and from Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Rustenburg.

De Kamelkuil village

In this village, we had a tent standing and also a large jumping castle. We had 95% of all the kids of the village (65) at the tent and jumping castle.

Makgope Village

In this village, we had more than 100 kids at the jumping castle that was sponsored by His Vision Church.

Mmorogong Village Ruighoek

In this village we had 60 kids attend the birthday party with Jesus. We had a tent also in these villages and the volunteers ministered in these tents.

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