Mahobieskraal Village – Rustenburg

Asking deep theological questions

31 people in two sessions asking deep theological questions that they have carried with them for a long time, but not finding, until now, someone willing or able to address them. They asked questions like:

  • Why did Jesus not sin?
  • How do I hear the Voice?
  • What was the thing Adam and Eve ate?
  • Must all people get married?
  • What must a pastor do if he feels that other pastors are teaching heresies?
  • How do I overcome my weakness?
  • Is God pleased with me when I do things for Him?

Teaching moments with kids

On this outreach, we saw that the village has a large number of kids. We had fun games they could play and assisted them in Q&A relating to faith and life. Kids from as young as 4 years played with us in all the activities.

After the fun of jumping about for about two hours, we allowed the kids to just sit and talk about things going on in their homes and at school. In this group setting kids found it encouraging to hear that others were also going through the same things. 

Outreach Team

Each outreach is different and we would like to have at least 10 volunteers per village to give us the flexibility to meet most challenges. It is a costly thing to provide six meals to 10 volunteers over 3 days, coming in at about R2000. On this 3-day outreach we had 6 volunteers. 6 people for 100 kids.Yup, that was fun…

Tent for medical assessments

In the tent, we provided a small-scale medical assessment service on one Saturday of the outreach. We assisted the people with a blood glucose test and advice on medical conditions. On this specific day, we had close to 40 visitors.

Effect of Outreach

In this village our tent stood for 9 days with an average daily attendance of 25 people. This was tough for us to accept, but we soon realised why this was happening. Every night when we played worship songs to draw the people the local shebeen and sangoma made louder music than we could due to our smaller sound system. It was just not a spiritual battle but a volume battle! We could not win the volume battle, but the spiritual one was won.

Over the nine days we were blessed with 16 healings of people who experienced severe pain before we prayed for them, but felt no pain afterwards.

On the last night, with a full tent of about 60 people, we felt that the spiritual battle in this village had been won. We are planning to distribute tracts from All Nation Gospel Publisher to sow a seed in each house so we can return to the village in 2020 to bring in the harvest.

Day to day aspects of outreach

In this community, we focused on Gospel preaching because every outreach is unique, depending on the needs of community in which we are serving.

Team Members at work

On this outreach the team had to deal with a large number of kids. The biggest challenge was to hold the small jumping castle down when the kids were playing on it.

Tent in the rural area

In every village the tent lands up in a different place. This time we ended up in a schoolyard. This made it easier for the 100+ kids to come and have fun with us.  The tent stood for 9 days.

Birthday with Jesus

In this village, we started the first “Birthday party with Jesus”. The kids in the village do not experience birthday parties so we provided them with cooldrinks and a jumping castle – fun for 4 hours!

Base camp

Time for reflection in the mountains of our base camp in Rustenburg. We say thanks to you, our accommodation sponsor, for this beautiful place in which we can stay at no cost and recover our strength for every busy day.

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