Thlatlaganyane Village

People stepping out

  • We completed our very first outreach in this village! We are happy to report that 16 new believers joined the family and 12 people were blessed with healing. On top of that, there were also 45 prophecies and four people were delivered from evil spirits, their lives completely changed. Throughout the nine days at the tent, we had an average of 87 people per night – 9% of the village. Thank you everyone for your prayer support.

Rural meeting outfit

  • These two ladies are part of the worship and prayer team. They dressed up for all of the services over the nine days.

Outreach Team

  • With every event tent that we put up, we need 3-5 volunteers who are not from the local village to help us lift, move, play, facilitate and organise.

Effects of an Outreach

This village has about 800 residents and we could impact the community in a big way just by putting up our tent. We have shown them over these nine days that healing is possible – that what He promised is still happening today! There is a high number of people addicted to alcohol and we have seen people give their lives to Him and cry out to Him for help with their addictions.

Day to day aspects of outreach

Every outreach will be different. In this community, we focused on Gospel preaching but it will always be different depending on the community and their specific needs.

Team Members at work

In these rural areas access to electricity is always a struggle, either due to load shedding or just a lack of money to buy pre-paid electricity

Tent in the rural area

Seeing a tent erected for an event is a common sight in rural areas. We have found that using the familiar tent structure draws people closer with curiosity and gives them more freedom to come in

Bringing our own water

In rural areas access to water can be tough – to avoid putting pressure on the community we encourage volunteers to bring their own water to the tent

Base camp

We have a base camp close to Rustenburg from where we travel to the rural areas. This first village is about 70 km from our base camp

Baptism at Outreach

Through the outreach there were 22 people that decided they want to be publicly baptised to proclaim their surrender to Christ

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