2019 Outreaches

We have seen the hand of God move in kids’ lives and their families. 2019 was a year that we learned and observed how Mission2 NPC outreaches have touched people’s lives.

In 2019 God put us on a path that reaches 800 households with the Gospel of Salvation.

We as white South African men we went into rural black South Africa to show that not all white people are racist nor hate black South Africans. This had an amazing effect on the kids that we spend time with, they went home and told their parents that the uMlungu is not as they said they are. RACIST

2020 COVID19

In the year 2020 Mission2 NPC was forced to do no outreaches due to the strict government rules on meetings in South Africa. But Mission2 NPC did not stop.

This year we opened our homes to people that needed time with God. We spend time helping those in need with food,

Just being there for people going through hard times.


This year will be a year of great challenges. Mission2 NPC will keep on doing the “Birthday parties with Jesus” if and when they are sponsored.

Our goal for 2023 is to travel to small towns throughout South Africa to do open-air | drive-by church services in the towns and surrounding informal settlements.

We trusting God for the Financial backing to do 1 town + surrounding village per week and reach as many as possible people with prayer and the good news of Jesus Christ.

2020 December Kuruman  Outreach

On 6 December 2020, we had no money to go and reach the kids – 9 December we left- 16 December all was paid.

Reached 3 communities and 340+ kids joined us for a fun day for a free birthday party. 4 People in the small village dedicated their lives to Christ.

From our own pocket

In 2020 when the COV19 hit hard in Krugersdorp. We as a family of Mission2 NPC bought food to prepare 10 meals for the 52 adults and 12 kid a warm meal.

Home turned into soup kitchen

Making food for 77 months in a small flat was a challenge.

Meals were delivered nighly

Free hair cut

My wife a barber in the West rand gave all of the people in the shelter a free hair cut. People felt uplifted and all smiles
Fixed the lights also of the shelter

Need your help



Volunteer on one of our outreaches. Be part of a weekend and change a person or a child’s life forever. Just be available.
He will use you!


Mission2 NPC is an FBO (Faith-based organization) because without faith we cannot fill the need within the villages of Rustenburg.
We need your prayers throughout our journey

Financial Support

As an NPC (Not For Profit) company, we need your financial assistance in reaching these communities to fill the needs as they arise.

Get to know you

We want to connect with you. A group of people we can change the world around us. We want to change the North West province rural village in the different districts. Your partnership and friendship are meaningful and valuable to us! By completing this form we will keep you updated with reports from our outreach

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